Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Breaking: Solange Magnano Dies from Complications During Plastic Surgery

A former Miss Argentina dies of complications during an elective plastic surgery operation.

Solange Magnano, 37, died in a hospital after being transferred from a clinic where she underwent an elective surgery on her buttocks on Wednesday, the agency reported.

Magnano ran her own modeling agency in Argentina, and had been a model and Miss Argentina in 1994. She also was the mother of 7-year-old twins.

Of course, some of the coverage, particularly this title: "A Woman Who Had Everything Lost Her Life For A Firmer Behind" is pretty victim blaming.

The article also notes that:

In recent years, Argentina has become an international destination for plastic surgery. The costs of such procedures there are much lower than in other countries.

Estimates say that 1 in 30 Argentines has gone under the knife, making surgeons here some of the most experienced on the globe.

Medical tourism has seen a huge jump over the past decade, and is projected to be a $100 billion global industry by 2010, according to the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions.

Certainly the safety of international surgery tourism is a concern, but I think that the major take-away from this incident is two-fold: 1. Surgery is surgery is surgery and all surgeries pose the risk of death; 2. beauty hurts the beautiful too and its not just ugly, harridan feminists like me ;) who should be critical of our appearance obsessed global media culture.

My sincere condolences to her family and friends. Rest in peace.

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