Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wait, I'm Confused: 80's Exercise Video or Gay Porn?

So, this video is pretty much hilarious. Its Dolph Lundgren's exercise video from the 80's--but it really doesn't make any sense. I totally stole this, by the way, from The Fat Nutrionist, by the way--so I can't claim to have discovered it first.

So, apparently, its scenes from his action movies intermixed with him advising the viewers to run in place and then stretch. Seriously? Somebody paid money for this as an exercise video? Also, most of the scenes involve him beating up children, throwing women out of the way so that he can kick a bicylist off a running trail, shooting human beings and of course blowing stuff up. I guess those scenes are supposed to get your heart pumping? Also, check out the zinc oxide on the lips in his life-guard scenes and the total homoeroticism of the squats in spandex short shorts (he's waxed everything, including his legs). So, exercise video or gay porn, you be the judge!

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