Saturday, December 26, 2009

Recommended Reading

This post was from last week over at Pandagon, but "If Its One or the Other"
is definitely recommended reading regarding the healthcare reform legislature currently in conferencing between the House and Senate. I'm with Marcotte on many points, being the pragmatist that I am, and I certainly agree that to totally discount the House as if Liberman rules both chambers of Congress is the current meme in the media to help kill the public option. There is still some space for the public option or at least a trigger for a public option (which could be enacted if insurance premiums aren't down to X by 2014 which would allow Snowe or even Liberman to vote for it as if the trigger was all they wanted all along to give private insurance interests "a chance" to show they can be reasonable...because of course private profits are way more important than public health to the corporcatians).

Anywho, go read, come back and discuss.

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