Monday, December 14, 2009

Tip from KERF: You Cannot Put Frozen Chicken Into a Slow Cooker

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Kath at KERF mentioned the other day that you cannot put frozen chicken directly into the slow-cooker/crockpot! Apparently, it keeps chicken in the danger zone (40-140 degrees) for too long when on low. She's in an RD program and she verified this with her food safety professor. So, you need to thaw the chicken (preferably in the refridgerator) prior to placing it in the slow-cooker/crockpot.

I love my slow-cooker/crockpot, especially for beans or soups, but there are so many ways you can utilize them to make your life easier and to cook healthy meals for yourself and your family. I could totally see myself putting frozen chicken in the slow-cooker before I read about the possiblity of dangerous bacteria blooming to large proportions, incubated if you will, under the gentle care of the crockpot.

So, dear readers:

Do investigate the wonders of slow-cookers/crockpots if you haven't already.
Don't put frozen chicken in said pots.

Please share your favorite slow-cooker recipe in the comments!

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  1. I am going to take the risk. My life is to busy to thaw my chicken before hand.

    When I cook my chicken in the crockpot. I put a frozen block of chicken that was pre-seasoned in the crock pot with 4 cups of water and cook on low for 7-10 hours.

    Then I shreaded it and add it to rice and beans or to split peas or lentils.