Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Food Blogging: Breakfast, Lunch & Snack

Oatmeal today, I brought this Flax Plus Individually packaged oatmeal from Whole Foods. It doesn't have all the sweetners/junk of other individually packaged oatmeals, so its great to have at work. Its very tasty as well.

Here's the oatmeal served with English Breakfast Tea (made with Silk Vanilla Soy Milk)

Extreme close-up, you can see the light smart balance and agave syrup. I also added chia seeds.

Tea close-up--so what's the difference between "Black Tea" and English Breakfast Tea? Umm, I don't know, I drink both very regularly. I'll get back to you on that one.

Here's an up-close and personal with Agave Nectar. I totally recommend it! It has a lower impact on one's blood sugar than most sweetners (sugar, raw sugar, honey), but it works great on oatmeal and in tea/coffee. I haven't tried baking with it, but I understand you have to reduce your liquids overall whenever using agave or any liquid sugar substitute. If I do try to bake with it, I'll update you on the process.

Lunch was fab (again). Same as yesterday, though as per Lisa D's suggestion, I ditched the cheese and it was almost as good :)

See, no cheese.

Tomato & Red Pepper Soup, really hot this time. So hot in fact that it made a mess in the conference room microwave. I cleaned it up toot-sweet, I'm no Ryan from the office.

For a snack, I had another English Breakfast Tea with a Honey Almond Kashi Bar (only 140 calories, but really good and chalk full of excellent nutritionals).

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  1. What are your eating times for the day.
    Mine are Breakfast 9am, Lunch Noon, 4 pm snack if breafast was not filling and 9pm dinner.