Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Orchids: Mine Actually Produced FIVE Blooms!!!

Watching HGTV the other day, I learned what my office level is called: Garden Level, that is half way between the basement and the ground level. So, my garden level office has a kind of odd light composition which turns out to be perfect for orchid blooming! My orchid plant produced FIVE BLOOMS a couple weeks ago (with my new camera cord in hand, I can share them with you).

Extreme close-up, kinda O'Keeffe-esque.

After the original bloom fell off, I watered it like a fern, appreciating the greenery, for almost two years, not really expecting more flowers or really understanding the orchid at all. Then last Spring, these sprigs appeared, so I tied them to the stick using floss hoping something might happen and then a couple of weeks ago, one two three four five blooms came in! Stunning, not smelling of anything really, but beautiful to look at. Quite a nice surprise as we descend into winter.

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