Tuesday, January 12, 2010

video: Biggest Loser Winner Gains 175 Pounds Back

Video: Biggest Loser Winner Gains 175 Pounds Back

When Erik Chopin shed more than 200 pounds to become the winner of 2006's Biggest Loser, he was eager to start his new life. Unfortunately, his new life included gaining nearly every pound back.

So when the husband and father of three -- who cites procrastination and overeating as some of the reasons for his weight gain -- was featured on a Biggest Loser "Where Are They Now?" special that aired in November, he decided to give himself a second chance.

I actually think this man is typical of the average dieter.

1. When you lose wieght purely for the money. It is hard to maintain a reason to keep it off once you got the money.
2. Not learning how to eat. The Biggest Loser Ranch is really a bubble. So it would be very hard to go home and cook meals if you home lifestyle is based on eating out.
3. Exercising 6 hours a day is not often possible in the real world. So if the only reason you stayed thin required 6 hours of exerise then you would gain in the real world.

Also all the people who seemed to being the best in the reunion show at maintaining the weight went into exercise related fields where they had to exercise daily for their job.

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