Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Book Recomendations for Running

Health Series: Fat Burning Exercises for Energy & Weight Loss by Jane Wake is a book that includes a Walk to Run Program. It is a 6 week program. If you do the Core and Strength Exercise in the book also it will help you build the muscles you will need for effective running.

I did this program when I was 240 lbs. I had to stop at weeks because the increasing running activies was causing trouble for my knees and I had to go back to walking.

How to start running with 10 easy steps from Time to Run is for the complete non -runner. These tips include warnings like:
  • Don't run two days in a row for the first two months. Give your muscles and tendons a chance to adapt to running.
  • Walk before you run! For the first four weeks you should have a 5-15 minute warm-up walk before breaking into a trot, followed by a warm-down stroll.
  • Run for time, not distance.
  • Be patient! Don't be in a hurry to enter road races, etc., no matter how much your friends pressurise you. Wait until you can run at least 30 minutes without resting before lining up for that first 5km fun run.

Intermediate Running For Weight Loss: Running Program is from Womens Health but suggests you be a 30 minute at a time runner before attempting.

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