Monday, January 4, 2010

Support in Weight Loss Efforts

Many people say a lack of emotional support causes them to struggle in weight loss efforts. Well, I use to feel that way until I reframed what support means to me. For example,

Old way of thinking: My husband doesn't want to exercise with me he must want me to be fat.
New way of thinking: Husbands allows me 20 minutes in front of his precious couch to do a workout video is a tremendous sacrifice in his mind for my weight loss.

Old way of thinking: Friend comments on me returning for seconds. She just wants to put me down.
New way of thinking: Friend is just mirroring back the concerns I have expressed to her about my weight.

Therefore, in 2010 I will focus on the good intentions of those around me in my weight loss journey versus expecting them to bend over backwards and change their habits to help me lose weight.


  1. That is some really honest self-reflection. I'll try to notice when I could change my thinking around to reflect a more positive environment for change.

    Great experiment!

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