Friday, January 15, 2010

Lisa's 7 Week Jump Start: Week 3 Results

After three weeks of Jump Start, I am down another 0.8 lbs. For a total of 4.2 lbs.
This is how I did it this week.

1. Maintained the increase of exercise from last week. So 13 WW activity points.

2. Ate less food by choosing more filling foods, like Spinach, so I wasn't as hungry.

3. I also got more sleep this week.

Here is a tip that was shared at the this weeks WW meeting that gave me something to think about. She said if you have recently upped your exercise and your body feel sore then you are in the process of increasing muscle. Muscle is created by tearing and repairing tissue. She said your body needs fluid and blood to do this. So that exercise may be delayed on showing up on the scale due to the fluid retention for muscle repair.

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