Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Goals Update

My co-blogger gave me a gentle reminder to update the blog on progress. This weekend has been wack-a-doodle, but putting that aside, here was my stated goals:

Goals Jan. 4th-10th
Exercise at Gym Mon-Thurs; Pilates or Yoga Friday and Sat or Sun.
Eat pre-packed breakfast/lunch
Meditate 5-10 minutes per day

I worked out at the gym Monday and Thursday (Wednesday, I got a last minute class to teach, so I'll now try to aim for Mon, Tues & Thursday gym dates). Friday, I went shopping, which equals activity points, but no sweat-generating exercise. Sat & Sun, I was at Starbucks all weekend working on a syllabus for a class I'll teach online this next summer (due this week). Monday, I went to a peace march, which was at least 1.5-1.6 mile walk at a good pace (it was for the MLK celebration event in my city and we followed the first loop of the 5k I did this summer, so that's how I gauged the distance).

Eating: I ate pre-packaged meals all week (mostly smoked salmon sandwiches with laughing cow on a 100 calorie multi-grain bun) and tomato soup. I also had healthy snacks.

Meditation: totally didn't even take a deep breath for patience. This is definitely a learning edge :)

Goals for Jan. 18-24th
Exercise at Gym Mon, Tues, Thurs. & Friday (non-flex schedule); pole-walk or pilates Sat.
Eat turkey-chilli for lunch
meditate for five minutes 3 times per week (more doable than daily?)
Do some sort of ab workout for toning post-cardio at gym (it can be at home or prior to gym in office).

Thanks for the reminder to keep me on track, LisaD!!!

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  1. Thanks for the update. Also, way to go for re-adjusting to fit the life you have now.