Monday, January 25, 2010

Personal Accountablity

Taking a queue from Sherri Shepherd. I am asking soon to be mistresses to but on there "big girl panties". It has been recently reported that Bill Gates was getting to cozy for a married man with women not his wife at Sundance.

All the women claiming they were done wrong by:

Shaquille O'Neal
Tiger Woods
John Edwards
Bill Clinton

In my opinion, they should take some responsibility for their actions. All these women involved with these men willing enter relationships/arrangements with men who were publicly and legally married at the time. Therefore, these women should have deducted the following facts about these men:

1. The man has the ability to lie.
2. The man will not honor promises.
3. The man will have to divide his time between you and his wife.
4. The man knows how to cheat.
5. If the relationship goes public you are the one getting thrown under the bus.


  1. The fault fundamentally lies with the men who are breaking their vows. Although, in some cases, like the Clinton marriage, I think that some couples choose to have open marriages and that's their right. I think that it is not ethical to pursue a man (or to accept a man's advances) if you know that he is in a monogamous marriage, but that the majority of the blame lies with the individual breaking their marriage vows in the first place. I think that women in particular are too fast to jump on the dirty slut bandwagon and not actually hold men (in celebrity or political culture or in their own lives) accountable.

  2. I see you point. I think that it might be relevant in the every day "small town I don't know your history bar scene". Yet, in the scenario and examples I gave women acted if they were done wrong.

    None of the mistress in my samples pulled the Heidi Fleiss defense of I was offering a service or the jump off defense which is I was "playing my position".

    Therefore, I blame these women not for being sluts but for being dumb.

    Also, people can't have affairs unless they have an accomplice.