Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wii: Your Shape

This could be interesting, its Wii Shape, an interactive Wii fitness game that serves as your workout coach, checks your form (via a camera that comes with the game) and allows you (unlike the other Wii Fit products) to have a continuous workout based on your preferences or target areas, so you could set it for 15 minutes of abs or a 40 minute overall workout. It doesn't seem to require that little white platform (which looks way too small to be a safe place to do exercise on in my opinion).

Here's what the reviewer over at FitSugar had to say:

the game tailors workouts to you in type, length, and difficulty level. The game includes 400 exercises, so your workouts are never the same, which keeps you on your toes and busts the boredom common to home workouts. You can select to focus on cardio, strength training, or toning exercises, and focus on a specific body part. I selected a 15-minute burn, aka cardio, focusing on my backside. After a five-minute warmup, I did many lunges and kicks peppered with some old-school aerobics moves. When my grapevine turned sloppy, Jenny chimed in, "Please follow me." When I corrected my footwork she gave a "Fantastic!" You can also have the game add in exercises with equipment you already own, like an exercise ball, hand weights, or an aerobic step. Unlike many Wii Fit games, Your Shape creates a continuous workout and you can sweat it out for 45 minutes nonstop.

You begin playing the game with a fitness test, and every nine workouts you take the test again to assess your improvement. You can compete with other users registered to your game — up to four. The game drops Nov. 24, and will be available at Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other large retailers. If you're more of a mobile game player (or your kids hog the TV or the Wii), a PC version of the game, also $69, will be available for purchase in early December. This version comes with the camera as well so you can work out with Jenny anywhere.

So, how about it, Nintendo, send me a Wii and a copy of the game and I'll do a six-week challenge with it, documenting how it aids in weight-loss and fitness goals! Or, hey, send me a Wii and Lisa a Wii and we'll do a longer challenge to see who can lose the most weight while using the system.

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