Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to Basics: Food Blogging

You might have noticed I haven't been blogging as regularly as LisaD! I've been working on my Ph.D applications for the past few weeks pretty intensely (plus there were several deadlines at work). I still haven't finished all of my app's (its a process), but I will be better on the blogging front. One thing I'm going to start doing regularly is food blogging again. I think its helpful to put out there what you eat and quite frankly it gives you pause when considering the salad or the burger--which would photograph better? Or more honestly, which do I want the whole world (okay, 150 readers or so, plus my mom) to see?

Today was Oikos Greek Yogurt with Flax Plus Granola and some Chia seeds (so good--I love these guys in yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, etc.). It was honey flavoried, which I've had in another brand and didn't care for too much, but in Oikos it was subtle and tasted great. I'm glad I tried honey again.
I also had English Breakfast Tea with Vanilla Soy Milk by Silk and some Agave. The Vanilla Soy milk was fabulous and I'd love to try it in Chai Tea as well. Why the soy milk? Well, it has a longer expiration date than cow's milk and I didn't want to buy half and half, to cut down on the saturated fat. So I thought I'd try it and it worked great. I'm battling the last legs of a pretty bad cold here, so I might have another in a bit. This cold was particularly cruel as it hit me right after going to the gym three days in a row last week! I probably won't be able to head back to the gym until Wednesday (though I teach that night, so probably Thursday). I sure do love the ellipitical. When I buy a house, I'm getting one before new furniture. Despite this cold, I will do arm weights today during lunch. My brother (from the Mid Summer's Night Race) has been on a great fitness jag recently, riding his bike and doing weights almost every day. So, just a shout out to him and thanks for the inspiration. He didn't even start up in response to a birthday or New Years, it was just time.


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