Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tape Worms: Fat Be-Gone?

Oh, my gosh Tape Worms as Diet Solution is a real thing? I've heard people joke about it (in life and on TV), but I didn't know that intentionally getting Tape Worms as a diet aid was a real thing. Above you'll find a Vintage Ad I got from The Fat Nutrionist. From the looks of the add, its early 20th Century--Edwardian Era, I think. Still, I love how this shows that diet hucksters try to use "science" to sell their dangerous crap. Gee, the worms have been "Sanitized" according to the add--how do you sanitize an organism that can drill its way into your brain and lay eggs? Hmmm??? Yeah, I saw that on House. The other thing I find odd about this add is up at the top, "No Diets, No Baths"--what does bathing have to do with weight-loss? Let alone, the absence of bathing being a desireable thing? Of course, how often you bathed varies from culture and time period, but I don't get why that's a relevant selling point. Then, right next to the lady is all that yummy, new fangled "processed food" that she gets to eat once the worms are absorbing the calories. So, weird, so wrong. Peace.

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    Bathing and weightloss. For those who can't take diet pills. There are "special" bath salts you can buy. Most say if you sit in the tube with the salts for 30 minutes you will lose weight or inches.

    Also remember the sauna approach to weight loss was done in bath houses.
    You can