Monday, November 9, 2009

Vintage Ad-: Wate-On

I thought that this was interesting. Remember, the pressure to be skinny was not always ideal, even in Hollywood. This actress is endorsing Wate-On, a weight gain supplement to help her add pounds on to a figure deemed too skinny for the early 1960's aesthetic. Of course, we here at FFFB try not to pile on the body-snarking of any shape, skinny bitches included. As always, let's try for our healthiest, whatever your frame tends toward. If that means gaining a few pounds or losing a few pounds, that's up to you. If you currently weigh 250 lbs, aiming for 100lbs is probably not going to be the healthiest for you, but 160lbs might be great. Conversely, if you weight 100lbs, aiming for 135lbs might not be realistic for you either, so think about 120lbs.

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