Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mariah Carey on Her Precious Make-Under: “I Felt Completely Rancid!”

Moviegoers may be taken aback by Mariah Carey’s decidedly glammed-down turn in the film Precious as a dowdy social worker, and the singer herself had an even stronger reaction the first time she looked in the mirror. “I felt completely rancid!” Carey told PEOPLE at the film’s premiere at the AFI Audi Film Festival. But because the novel that the movie is based on “changed my life,” she gave herself over to director Lee Daniels’ vision for the character’s un-made-up look.
I love me some Mariah Carey and I one day want to look like her glamours self. Yet, I feel sorry for her right now that she has such issues with becoming the part and looking regular. Every actress knows that the character doesn't have to be anything like you to play her. I just feel that her public self is so wrapped in the "glamour" that she can't pursue a Carey in acting.

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