Monday, November 23, 2009

Book Review: Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters

I just finished reading Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters by Nancy Pelosi and Amy Hill Hearth. The book was a quick read about 170 pages. Nancy Pelosi tells just the service facts of her life. No deep family secrets here. She mostly talks about a lot of the catch phrase that she clung to to get where she is now such as:

"Don't agonize, organize"
"Do it for the 1 in 5" - Referring to the one in five children who go hunger in America.
"Know your power"
"The plural of anecdotes is not data"

Yet, what I like mosted about the book is her recognition of working mothers in politics. She said for her it was less of a burden because her youngest was high school jr. when she ran for congress. She acknowledge that it would have been harder if she still had little ones. Yet, she did acknowledge that women who started younger got further faster. Her final commentary on the issue was whatever path you chose. Chose it for yourself and be happy with your decision.

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