Thursday, February 19, 2009

Workout Challenge for Next Week

Okay, so here's my workout challenge next week. I'm realizing that I need to set weekly goals, not big-picture goals for right now because time is soooooooo limited. I will:

3 cardio workouts
2 handweights sessions
1 pilates mat session
1 yoga mat session

I'll let you know how I do March 1st (that's the Sunday after this Sunday and thus will encompass the end of this week and the total challenge period).

What will be you weekly challenge? Let me know in the comments section!


  1. How long is a session for you?

    My weekly challenge is to aquire 10 WW activity points each week.

  2. For cardio, on the elliptical at the gym it is 30 minutes, at home on the treadmill it is 40 minutes.

    For the pilates mat session, that is one run through of the Gaiam Beginner's Mat workout, which is about 25 minutes.

    Handweight sessions take however long it takes to do general arm exercises for 3 reps--maybe 10-15 (though I'm intending to do these at work, so it might be more like three 5 minute sessions for two days).

    The yoga session is a bit trickier because it depends on the program I choose from my current DVD. Anyway-where from 20 minutes to 180 minutes (I've never done a yoga class longer than an hour, so probably I'll do 30 minute?)

    How about for you?

  3. Well my daily commute earns me 1 activity point. I walk 1 mile a day and take 8 flights of stairs.

    Then I do the Leslie Sansone FAST & FIRM! 4 really “BIG” Miles!. Complete tape is 4 WW activity points.

    My dance class is 8 WW activity points.