Monday, February 16, 2009

Power Chords--Important, Apparently!

Forgive, my dear readers, my absence from the blog. The excuse is the dog ate my homework variety: my cat ate my power chord to my laptop and it isn't easy to get a new one--who knew? Thus, no posts from home and work was v. busy.

I'm back and happy to report an active and energizing weekend! I did tons of yard work, set up my soil station, seedling station, and ordered or bought my seeds for the coming growing season. Now, I have to admit I went overboard on the seed buying. Hopefully, if I save them, some will work next year as well. I'm going to start taking pictures of my gardening adventures, so stay tuned if you like the pics--and I will photograph interesting/particularly tasty food I eat for the blog as well, but seriously, my yogurt and lean cuisines are not interesting to me, so why would they be interesting to blog readers? However, seared scallops over polenta with sauteed greens, yeah, that's some pretty food. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera for that particular meal at the Heirloom, a fabulous restaurant in Midway, KY that I highly recommend--so, I'll have to recreate it at home on my own. Anyway, photos still forth coming, but they will branch out to nature photography as well.

Speaking of nature, check out this pic from the recent icestorm (I did alot of brush clearing with my dad this weekend as a result of the storm):

Or, more artsy

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