Monday, February 9, 2009

Weird Thought

So, the other day, I was having lunch with my mom and we were talking about her grandmotherly desires--she already has two beautiful, smart, interesting grandchildren, but she joked that she always thought that Asian babies are the cutest and she'd like one in her pantheon of grandchildrenly perfection. It was a joke (she also wanted a red-head child, I was supposed to be red-headed, as my grandfather was, but I came blonde--a duplicate as my brother was already a blonde. In no way was my mother tempted to dye or alter my appearance to get the desired results. LOL).

Anyway, so my mother's Asian Baby comment got me thinking (don't worry, I'm not adopting a baby!): according to the new rules imposed by the Chinese government I'd have to have a BMI under 40 in order to adopt*. I do not currently. Its in the mid-40's (eek). Now, there are tons of things wrong with the BMI (Tom Cruise is obese because of high-muscle mass, blah blah blah). In my case, however, it isn't that off base. In order to be "Chinese Baby Ready" I'd have to be
218 lbs. I've been way skinner than that in the past, I could totally be there again. That also happens to be the 1st weight in Obese III for me (Obese II starts at 190 lbs, Obese I starts at 164 lbs; overweight is at 137-162 lbs and normal is 101**-136 lbs).

So, I'm making a big goal weight of 218 lbs for the near term and a little goal weight of 2 lbs for this week. It might be arbituary (Chinese Baby Adoption Weight? Obsese III catagory beginning, so I guess 217 lbs would be Obese II); either way, I like 218 lbs as a number.

So, let's see.

Oh, and see below a cute Chinese Baby!

*I would probably also have to be debt free, own a home, and be married! So, this is not something I'm serious about doing for real--I hope no one is offended by this musing!!!
**101 lbs--are they #$%@!!!&%$ serious? That is way scary skinny for me to imagine. 100 lbs is underweight, but geez louise, 101 lbs is "normal"; I can't wrap my head around that concept! Honestly, under 136 lbs or even 136 lbs sounds scary to me--maybe issues I need to work on? Probably, but also realistic--ideally, I want to be in the overweight zone, but not obese, though Obese I doesn't seem like a bad weight range to me 164 lbs to 190 lbs seems totally doable and that's where I was in college when I was a 12-14.

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  1. Good Morning "Miley Cyrus". If we had more traffic. I believe we would be picketed because of the above comments.

    But seriously, many parents biological or adoptive strive to be in a healthy state so they can offer their baby more then love.

    That is why many cancer patients are accused of being selfish when they go off life saving meds just to have a baby.

    The goal of most parents is to die before their child, but only after they saw there kid go through all the stages of life.

    So I think the Chinese goverment is fair in using BMI as a marker.