Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fat Barbie--Really? Somebody Actually Thought that THIS Was a Good Idea?!?!

"Keep obesity away from your child" is the tagline of a new campaign by Texas-based Hispanic shop LatinWorks for an organization called Active Life Movement. Instead of fat kids, the ads show fat toys—a superhero, pirates and a Barbie-like doll. From Adfreak

There have been studies that have shown that obese children experience shame and social dis-satisfaction to a degree that children undergoing treatment for CANCER experience when they can't be as athletic or active as "normal" weight children. SO, let's shame and humiliate them even more instead of addressing the things that make children fat: like, suburban and urban planning that erases spaces for kids to play in safe places and be active, like HFCS and other food additives that are confusing the bodies natural processes, like the lack of affordable food of high nutritional content, like advertising fast food to children (France prohibits advertising fast-food to children and gee, not really a problem there), and lack of a national health service that would help children have a doctor through his/her life that can help monitor or make suggestions for improving overall health, not just weight.

No, let's not do any of that, let's just make ads with fat Barbie and fat Batman and make fun of fat people through stereotying and shame the chubby child into further social isolation and low self esteem, yah, let's do that.

Or, not.

Seriously, there are steps we can take and they start with you.


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