Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain

I think the busy American mantra of "Work Hard, Play Hard" is causing Sleep Deprivation. So many of us wear "working late at the office"as a badge of honor. Many people could leave work on time often if they stopped wasting office time doing the following:

  • personal errands,

  • surfing the net

  • water cooler mingling

  • not prioritizing work correctly

  • spend the first 30 minutes of work eating breakfast at our desks

If we all changed our working habits we could do the following:

  • make time for lunch break walks

  • leave work in enough time to make it the gym

  • work out before we head to work


  1. Or, we could have four day 32 hour work weeks, six weeks of vacation, and nationalized healthcare that actively promotes health-friendly office initiatives. Let's beat the French at their own game!


    By the way, I'm so damn tired right now. I was going to go to the gym, but instead I am taking a nap when I get home and then do some pilates before Lost.

  2. The pilates didn't happen, the nap did. Lost was awesome.

  3. I believe if you have a home exericise backup plan, you will get more exercise in your life then if you rely to going to the gym alone.