Tuesday, February 24, 2009

DWTS' Cheryl Burke Gained Weight After Quitting Birth Control

Medications can affect a persons weight. I think we all (media and fans) need to consider that our comments about weight could be hurting the feelings of someone who is already experiencing an underlined health issue.

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  1. If her period was heavier, she might have felt like crap and had comfort food to feel better (who doesn't?) and that might have contributed to the weight gain.

    She suffers from being petite (I'm 5'2'' myself, so I know this all too well) and 5 lbs can look like 10 lbs on people under 5'4''. Not that being petite is a condition--its part of the range of human bodies and not an unhealthy one at all, so I shouldn't have said "suffers" but when you are on TV and you're not 5'8'' and 120 lbs, you are a fat freak, even at 5'2'' and 120 lbs.