Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lisa Rinna Would Rather Go Naked than Host Events

Who is Lisa Rinna kidding? She is 58 years old and always working on her body.

  • If you have seen her face you know she is doing something to her lips.
  • She sells a workout videos.
  • She is always looking tan.

So I think Lisa Rinna is delusional if she says she is not body concerned, because if she wasn't so concerned she would age graceful versus trying to defy time.

1 comment:

  1. Hosting gigs is all this lady gets anymore. Now, she was good as the hot mom in Veronica Mars who kills herself, so she can act, but she is the female poster child of fakery and she's married to the male poster child of fakery, Harry Hamlin. They have a lifestyle devoted to botox, scortching tans, and plastic surgery, so anything she says contrary to those values (and they are values, valuing a fake youth over the reality of human bodies) is suspect and the worship of the Red Carpet is one of the first tenets of Hollywood Fakery.