Monday, February 16, 2009

Lindsay Lohan: Weight Loss Is "Not Intentional"

I call the BS card. There is no way a starlet is unaware of her Weight Loss. I am sure she has several yes people surrounding her ( stylist, managers, hair stylist, ect.) telling she looks great and it will help her get her next part.

People are so weight focus in Hollywood. I will never believe a starlet is unaware of her weight gain/weight loss.


  1. I remember reading a personal trainer who read one of her clients interviews in something like, Self or Marie Claire (in other words, one of the more responsible women's magazines).

    Her client (she didn't name names), but she said, "Oh, I just like to listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry, take walks with my puppy of the beach, occasionally do yoga in a class with friends, but a regular work out schedule? No, I'm not really into getting sweaty--I practice intuitive body care."

    The trainer was like, she straight up lied like no one else! She works out with her trainer 5-6 times per week, two hours per day and eats chicken/fish and veggies and occasionally gets to eat a Luna bar as a treat.

    The trainer couldn't disclose who she was, but she did say that she felt that it was really dishonest and unkind to regular women who need to know that to look like her clients, they have to WORK! And that genes are a big part of the equation as well.

    The trainer seemed to recognize that there was celebrity fit and regular people fit and that its okay to strive for regular people fit, but celebrity fit requires a hell of a lot of money, time, and resources.

    Anyway, so when I read about a celebrity saying that they "didn't notice" or "don't like to sweat" I know that they are either lying or are possibly on drugs.

  2. I totally agree with you. If we learned nothing from Biggest Loser is that you must work out 6 hours a day and eat a restrictive diet to lose weight fast.