Monday, February 9, 2009

Changing Posting Style

Thealogian here, first I want to heartily welcome LisaD as my co-blogger/contributor to Fat Feminist Fitness Blog! WELCOME LISAD!!!

Second, I've not been posting regularly. I think that the format I originally came up with (food diary with occasional commentary on diet culture, food justice, etc.) isn't working. I've been remiss in my postings and I'd like to change that up. First, I'm finding the photos a bit tedious--I'll still take some pictures, but taking a picture everyday of my yogurt seems a waste of time and energy and keeps me from blogging because I feel too committed to the photo format. So, I'll pick and choose when I post images, but I need to put in at least one entry per day about something related to the vision of this blog. So I will. I'm reformed!

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