Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Food Blogging

Friday, I went out with my mother to a Japanese restaurant. We got bento boxes. They start you out with a simple salad and miso soup. The miso is amazing and the salad has this great miso/ginger dressing that I love.

Then you get a main course (the salmon), a side (the three pieces of veggie tempura) and a roll (in this case an Alaska roll) oh and of course rice. I mixed some of the rice in with the salmon, but left the vast majority of it, I ate the tempura and I took the Alaska roll home for dinner. Isn't the orange pretty?

Saturday morning it was an Amazing Meal smoothie with 1/2 a banana and mixed berries.

For lunch, I went to Buddy's with my Sister-in-Law and we split the Red Bean & Chickpea burger and a cuban pork panini. I took off the bun of the veggie burger and I ate most of it, 14 fries (a serving size) and most of the 1/2 of the panini.

Here's the "burger" close-up--notice lots of veggies and some blue-cheese. Instead of pickle, it had fresh cucumbers on it (which I liked quite a bit).

Then Sunday, prior to church I went to the co-op breakfast bar. I didn't eat the potatoes because they were over-done, but the poached egg over a tomato was good, as was the mushroom gravy on the super small biscuit and I had a few tablespoons of cheese grits. The bacon was steamed or something, so it must have been cooked, but it really didn't look cooked so I didn't eat that either. I think next time I'll just get the poached egg and biscuit and complement it with some fruit.

So, yeah this was a weekend of eating out (and I'm too damn poor for that).


  1. The bento boxes I get at my local place is 23 WW points.

    Yet, the drug store in Penn Station is now selling brown rice calforina rolls. I get 6 for 4 WW points. I eat if for breakfast.

    Way to go for getting your blog on.

  2. Yeah, the bento box is not low-calorie. I split mine into two meals and I left the vast majority of the rice. Sushi rolls, however, can be a really good choice for eating on the run.