Thursday, March 11, 2010

Food Blogging: Thursday, March 11th

Chia Oatmeal made with a dash of Vanilla Soy milk (no Smart Balance) and agave. I thought it wouldn't be as good without the Smart Balance, but a dash of the soy milk really dresses it up!

English Breakfast tea made with the rest of the Vanilla Soy milk and a bit of agave. I'm really trying to ease up on the sweeteners and its working. I'm liking with a hint of sweet, but mostly not lately.

This really isn't as bad as it looks. I took the taco meat, lettuce and cheese and mixed it with the rice, discarding the shell and I ate all of the beans, 1/2 the rice and 2/3 the tamale. I also had an unpictured, ginormous Diet Coke.

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