Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rielle Hunter Finds Her GQ Spread "Repulsive"

Rielle Hunter isn't pleased with her GQ spread.

"She said she found the photographs repulsive."

In one photo, Hunter has her tummy exposed as she lays with Frances Quinn, her 2-year-old daughter with former Democratic presidential candidate. John Edwards.

I think this is a perfect example, of why women need to have more control of their image. I feel that all women should request that they have the final say of all printed photos.

I also think that we should also say no to suggestive pictures. This would solve many problems if the sexy photo was never made in the first place.

1 comment:

  1. I think she's a liar.

    They had some "behind the scenes" video from her shoot on MSM and she was pantsless the whole time. She said that she "went with the flow" but when the flow starts out pantsless in a white shirt, the production people are obviously going for the sex-kitten angle. I'll remind the readers that she was a "videographer" meaning she was behind the camera herself and she knows how to shape a shoot.

    Her interview was repulsive, her words, her ideas--the pictures were just standard mistress fare.

    But, for not crazy people, yes, I think you should have the contract written up for such pieces indicating that you get final say on which images to use and that you get copy-rights for the unselected images so that you can dispose of them. She is not a non-crazy person, however.