Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Diversity in Advertising: Good Job Gerber!

So often, ads are profiled on blogs or on other news agencies because they've done something fairly heinous or hateful. Well, I'd like to highlight an ad that's doing advertising right. The Gerber Company has an ad, "United Babies" that is actually quite good--its very diverse and its combating the polarization of our country by having some vaguely patriotic music in the background. The diversity of babies in this ad is both, helpful for representation, but also accurate! This year, a study finds, maybe the first year that "minority" baby births (combined) outnumber white baby births or at least by 2012! Check out the story HERE.

Anyway, I liked this ad and I think I'll try to find more advertisements and campaigns that are "doing it right" to profile instead of just reacting to the bad ads.

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