Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Help Me Out Here Readers, What to order at a Mexican restaurant?

So, I'm trying to stick to about 1400-1600 calories per day (and I've been writing them down). But what is relatively low-cal to eat at a non-chain Mexican restaurant? Any hints or ideas. I'll go do some research now and update the post, but in the meanwhile, leave me your suggestions in the comments section, thanks!

Update #1: It looks like my best bet would be tacos with Mexican rice or tortilla soup. Or, fajitas sans the tortillas with Mexican rice. I have 910 calories already, so it'll be a close call with either orders. I'll let you know how it turned out tomorrow.

Update #2: So here's what I decided to have. Its shrimp on skewers with onions and peppers served with rice and tortillas. I didn't have any of the tortillas and about 1/2 the rice. I'm not sure what the calories would be on this dish, so I'm not going to fudge that data in my food journal, but I'm pretty sure that shrimp, veggies and rice = not bad at all! I didn't eat all!

Check out the photo:

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  1. The key to saving tons of calories at a mexican resturant.

    1. No tortilla tips
    2. No con queso dip.
    3. No margaritas

    When ordering an entree 2 hard shell beef tacos with peppers and onions from the fajita plate on the side.

    Also remember the salt from the food will show water weight gain the next day.