Thursday, March 11, 2010

Food Blogging: Wednesday, March 10th

They were all out of vanilla and fruit-flavored Greek yogurt at the store the other day, so I bought a standard blueberry yogurt and some plain Greek yogurt to mix. I figured I'm share out the plain Greek yogurt out over two days worth of standard yogurt. The mix was pretty good, especially since so often fruit flavored yogurt is too sweet for my taste. I also mixed in 1/3 cup granola and I had a coffee with milk and raw sugar from Starbucks.

One more view.

Then for lunch, I went to a steak house and got a lean-ish pork-chop and veggie skewer. There's also fried apples in the image, which I didn't eat. Pork-chops really aren't all that bad in terms of calories. The skewer was great!

For dinner, I lowered myself to the dratted frozen dinner, in this case a Grilled Fiesta Chicken. Here it is according to the picture on the box.

Here it is in reality, along with some "white trash salad" and a piece of rye toast with melted cheese. Oh, unpictured are the two girl-scout cookies I had, Peanut Butter Patties. I actually only had the serving size, two for 150 calories.

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  1. I don't advocate cutting food groups, but you seems to but cheese on everything. Even diet cheese is not calorie free.

    For me to jump start my weight loss I had to limit myself to two servings of dairy a day.

    This is just food for thought.