Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kendra: My Post-Baby Body Was "Such a Culture Shock"

Kendra Baskett admits in the new issue of Us Weekly that she struggled to accept her new body weeks after the Dec. 11 birth of Hank IV, her son with husband Hank Baskett.
Having a different body was such a culture shock. I'm so used to being hot and fit." Although "it wasn't that extreme," the reality star says, "I did go through some depression."

The one-time centerfold adds that her body confidence remains shaky. "I love my legs, and I love my butt, but everything else I hate."

Even when pregnant, she was smaller then most of the people at my Walmart. Yet, I think she is the text book example of how celebrities get a warped sense of what one should look like that the biological act of giving birth is overshadowed by 00 desire.

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