Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We're Number 1...wait, number 28???

According to a Save the Children study, the USA came in 28th (four places behind indebted, bankrupted Greece) in terms of "Best Countries to be a Mother." Check out the wire piece HERE.

Why do we fair so poorly? Well, we have the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world (thanks Pro-Life, Tea-Bagger reactionaries--opposing universal healthcare really is working out for the baaabeeez) and we have the least generous, non-paid maternity leave in the developed world (actually, our policy indicating 6 wks of non-paid leave is worse than many "second world" countries).

If you're not embarrassed by this, you aren't paying attention. Even if you never anticipate having biological or adopted children, it is a social good for those who do to have a reasonable chance at doing so in optimal conditions. Of course, I blame the Patriachy. We need men and woman advocating for universal healthcare (actual universal healthcare) and family leave policies that support families, rather than reinforcing the view that workers are commodities. Check out Mom's Rising for more information about how you can help out with these efforts.

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