Saturday, May 29, 2010

Being Nice not Nice for Everybody

There's an excellent article and comments section on you can read HERE discussing the Kendra Wilkerson "Sex Tape." It's NSFW because there's a screen cap from the "film" and it discusses what is on the tape--essentially, what is on the tape is coerced sex and a great deal of bullying and not respecting Kendra's boundaries (like when she requests that he not tape her, repeatedly, and when he insists she open her legs, etc.). The author discusses it better than I can and really hits the nail on the head--this isn't rape, but it isn't a positive sexual encounter and young men need to learn to LISTEN to young women for sex to be mutual. Young women also need to learn to stand up for themselves and not try to be a man-pleaser all the time. Being "nice" can also make you feel like crap--which is apparent in this tape. Read it, read the comments--comment here and let me know your thoughts.

p.s. This was not a professional porn video where she was playing a "role" which was playing at protestation, this was a real, sad and unsatisfying sexual encounter with a douchebag that is now being exploited by said douchebag for profit (and I hope he never gets laid again as a result... that would at least be karmically appropriate!!!).

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  1. I have to a couple of things to say: Kendra has been exploited all her life.
    1. Broken home
    2. Bad boyfriends
    3. Playboy model
    4. One of 3 girlfriends of Hugh Hefner
    5. The Girls Next Door Show
    6. The Kendra Show
    7. The celebrity rap show
    8. The sex tape

    Has she made tons of money off this yes. Does she feel awesome about these situations. Probably not.

    But for the realness of the regular people. All sex tapes come out. Stop making them.