Monday, May 17, 2010

Attack of the Bridesmaidzillas

Megan Angelo writes about out of control, mean, and disrespectful bridesmaids for Marie Clarie. The reason for the bad behaviour:

1. Cliques in the bridal party.
2. Miscommunication threw technology.
3. Resentment toward the bride.
4. Cost of being a bridesmaid

Bad behaviour is inexcusable. Yet, much can be avoided if the bride would be more thoughtful in her bridesmaids selection. Here are my tips for brides:

1. For example, if you best friend doesn't have $300 for a bridesmaid dress. Why not ask her to be an usher or read a selection at the wedding.

2. The bride should have a solid estimate of time and money you are asking your bridesmaid to commit to you at the time of asking.

3. You should never put someone on the site. Give them a week to make a decision. Give the time to look at there vacation schedule and budget.

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