Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jason Alexander New Face of Jenny Craig

Comedian Jason Alexander unveils his new slimmed-down figure with classic self-deprecating hilarity in a new Jenny Craig commercial, airing today. “Take a look, drink it in,” he sings while clad in a skin-tight outfit. “I was fat, now I’m thin!” The actor, who signed on as a spokesman for the weight loss program in January, has since shaved off 30 lbs. from his starting weight of 195 lbs.

Click above for a peak at the TV ad. Talking about Jenny Craig spokespeople is one of "my things". So here I go.

1. I am glad to see a man exploited.
2. I am also glad to see a man in skimpy outfits for no apparent reason. If Valerie and Kristie got to be in a Swimsuit. I want to see Jason in one also.
3. Out of all of the diet plans, I give Jenny Craig 10 out of 10 for advertising.

1 comment:

  1. I watched the commercial and I thought it was funny/cute (and also self-aware that as a man its not expected to do the bikini thing, but he sort of held himself up to that standard). I'm all about equal-opportunity exploitation.