Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blendin' In the Office

So, I really enjoy smoothies for breakfast, but since I leave for the office at 6:20 a.m., if I blend at home and then drink in the car, I'm: 1. hungry early in the day; 2. late for work because there's no way! So, alas, since I started this earlier schedule, I haven't had a smoothie--and you'll remember I bought a big tub of Amazing Meal Original Flavor chaulk full of super-food greens and rice/hemp proteins after they sent me free samples. Well, the other day I came across this smaller blender with the top portion coming off as a cup. Its from Hamilton Beach and it was $15.

It blends really well--frozen berries, bananas and of course GREENS are as well blended in this little guy as they are in a big mama blender. Its not super easy bringing all of the ingredients to work (I have a mini-fridge, so storage isn't a problem). In the above image, I use vanilla yogurt and some vanilla milk from Organic Horizons. Currently, I have vanilla soy milk in my fridge which keeps longer. I don't have a smoothie every morning, sometimes its Greek Yogurt & Granola and sometimes its Oatmeal, but I will tomorrow! One thing I'm out of that I love in smoothies: Chia Seeds! Lots of Omega-3's, fiber and the right kind of "grit" I like in my smoothies (along with the berry seeds). Oh, I've also recently started adding Maca Powder--it doesn't really do anything to the taste, but it does give it a slightly strange smell, but its supposed to be great for the endocrine system, so I'll stick with it (unless until I'm done with the bag).


  1. Where did you find this blender?

  2. Evil-mart, I'm afraid (I try to never go to Walmart, but my niece needed something specifically from there, so I went with her). Its a Hamilton Beach "Pulse."

    Thanks for commenting!