Monday, May 31, 2010

Lisa's 12 Week Summer Jump Start

I am starting a 12 week Summer Weight Jump Start. I am out of school for the summer, so I can go from maintenance to losing.

My Start weight is 243 lbs.

My measurements from 5/30/10 are:

arm: 15.25 in
chest: 47.0 in
hips: 51.5 in
waist: 41.5 in
wrist 6.25 in
Right thigh 29.0 inch

The goal is to lose 22 lbs by Sept. 1st.

The habits I am focusing on for the week of 5/30/10 to 6/5/10 are:

1. Only eat the 30 points a day WW has assigned me, plus my weekly flex.
2. Get 15 Activity points. I already have 5 of 15.

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