Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Valerie Bertinelli to Kirstie Alley: "Let Me Mentor You"

"Let me mentor you this time," Bertinelli, 49, says Wednesday in an interview with ABC's Nightline. "I'll hold her hand. Oh, I would just - I'm telling you - I think it would be the greatest thing. There's so many people that come up to me wherever I am, and they say I was on the program a couple of years ago, and then I stopped, and then I see that you've had success, so I'm coming back. It's not a bad thing to stop something and come back to it. You're not a failure. You're never a failure. As long as you keep getting back up."

If they were such good friends why doesn't she call Kirstie Alley up and offer this help. Why do you have to feed into the crazy that is Kirstie Alley "lose 85 lbs " on Nightline. It is one thing to abuse yourself on National TV, it is another to be put on blast by other on TV.


  1. That is so true--its almost like Jon Voight using the media to "talk to" Angelina Jolie. He's her dad and when that horrible Bratz Doll movie he was in was coming out, he was on every talk-show (the view, Leno, etc) talking about how much he really wanted to re-establish a relationship with his daughter, meet her kids, etc. Ummm, if that was true it would have been private. Even if he didn't have any of her numbers, going through agents, the brother, other family would have been possible--to at least request a coffee date.

  2. The second top offenders of playing they drama in the media is Tori and Candy Spelling.

    Tori house is on TV an the papparazi knows where she lives, so if Candy wanted to see her grand kinds she could knock on the front door.