Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back from NYC!!!

Hey, all! I'm back from New York City visiting with LisaD (she lives there, but decided to have a "New York City" stay-cation checking out the museums & the sites with me). I have tons of pictures (of yummy and "interesting" food) as well as a few views of the city to share. 1st I have to unpack my camera cord :)

A couple things I learned/relearned:

1. I love public transportation (and though I grew up with it, living "in between" the coasts as I do now, its totally inadequate here) and public transportation also helps you keep up your general activity much better than life chained to cars.
2. I don't love city grit (TMI perhaps, but I don't like that particulate matter that you have to blow out of your nose at the end of the day when out and about in big cities).
3. I so need to get into shape (yes, we did a lot of walking at the Botanical Garden, in museums, and in general, but I really have suffered from not exercising on a regular basis due to the schedule from hell last semester and I'm not allowing myself to schedule my way into that deficit again. Of course, I have horrible allergies/perhaps have a cold right now, so I'll just do toning until I can breathe again.)
4. I miss LisaD, she's my best friend and just chatting with her one on one was great!

Look forward to some food-blogging from the trip, including one two part review of Raw Soul, a raw food restaurant in Harlem that we checked out in order to see what the Raw Food Movement has to offer, in addition to all the hype.


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