Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fat Acceptance Ad FAIL!!!

Okay, this sucks. Jezebel has an article and the video up for a "fat acceptance" ad that pretty much takes the cake in "not getting it" (how to do anti-discrimination work, in other words). The format involves the telling of three horrible jokes hating on 1. Black Women/All black people, 2. Gays, 3. Jews and then finally a fat joke with a tag line after about how discrimination comes in all shapes and sizes. I'm not going to repeat the jokes here, because that's immaterial, but you can go and watch them if you want. What is material is the fact that the producers of this video don't really get that just because they don't feel that they are racist or sexist or sizest or whatever that they can use traditional relics of oppression (the bad joke) in a way to positively instruct the general population. This ad encourages the oppression olympics, which by that I mean people will immediately start talking about who had/has it worse, Black, women, Jews without realizing 1. there are Black female Jews, 2. comparisons and trying to prove "worse" oppression status just works to divide those that should be allies!

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