Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Free Rice

One of my absolute favorite procrastination tools/things to do when you only have a couple minutes is FREERICE.COM

It started out as a vocabulary building tool for the founder's children, but then they expanded it so that sponsors (advertisers) donate grains of rice for every correct question the player submits. It has expanded beyond vocab (though that's mostly what I'll play for a few rounds) and it does other kinds of trivia and even vocab in other languages--so, hey you former Spanish/French/etc. majors, go brush up.

Its an online game, it helps feed the poor, and it helps you build up your brain. So, check it out!


  1. I am now addicited to the games. The world geography is hard for a zenophob like me.

  2. Yeah, I thought I knew geography, but through South East Asia or Central Africa at me and I'm clueless!

    Aren't you glad your addiction is feeding the poor?