Sunday, April 25, 2010

WellPoint: Systematically Canceling Women's Health Insurance Policies After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

So, in yet another reminder about how for-profit health insurance is out for the bottom line and not clients' health. WellPoint, a major insurance company, systematically canceled women's health insurance policies after cancer diagnosis and looked for pretexts (like, finding a misspelled word in a Doctor's notes...seriously, they used THAT as an excuse) after the fact. This was automatic and generated by a computer program in their system.

Of course, its worth pointing out that being able to drop patients is still allowed under healthcare reform, though allegedly restricted, but that's crap as we know how excellent insurance companies are at getting out from under their obligations and how weak individual patients are. The fight for universal healthcare is far from over, but the recent legislation is a beginning.

See these women's stories HERE.

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