Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Skinny Dream: Must Read!

I highly recommend checking out this article about the false idea that weightloss is the key to happiness. It profiles Jen Larsen, formerly a blogger at the Elastic Waist which is now a defunct blog, who lost 150lbs via gastric bypass surgery; it also profiles Jennette Fulda from Half of Me, a great current blog, who lost more than 170lbs via South Beach and LOTS OF EXERCISE. Both share how weightloss isn't instant perfect life (or even perfect health, as Fulda has suffered from a chronic headache condition for the past two years, post-weightloss). Neither would wish to gain back the weight, but they think its important to acknowledge that weightloss is an panacea that cures all ills, makes you rich, famous, loved, etc. Fantasies that many lay on the "if I ever" fantasy of someday getting skinny. Check out the article and come back here to share your thoughts!

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