Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mischa Barton Slammed for Showing "Flabby Belly" in Too-Tight Pants

Barton, 24, showed off her curves in super-tight, pale yellow denim, bright red shoes and a midriff-baring top while on a Starbucks run Sunday afternoon.

Many of the blogs were commenting on her "Belly Issues". She had tight pants on, but she did not look Discovery Health fat in anyway. People need to mind their own business and realize when people misidentify weight issues it gives complexes to the people getting the comments as well as the people who read about it at home.

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  1. Yeah, this crazy nit-picking is dangerous for the individual health of the celebrities as well as our own. This is also why I hate those segments on the Today Show or in magazines on what not to wear where they black out real people on the street's face and show off how their outfits are ill-fitting or not the best for their body type. Stop the judgy-crazy-making!