Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lisad00 Weight Loss Breakthrough

Well I as I was contemplating my life as a non-skinny person and I found out new information about myself. I musing about the body I used to have in college and feeling depressed. Then I was glancing at my old college immunization records. I found out an amazing fact that I never knew. I weighed 207 lbs when I entered college. I always thought I was 167 and looked amazing.

Now that I know that I can feel great in the low 200's I feel so free. I was 204 at my wedding and felt great and obviously I felt great about my body in college since I have been obsessing over a number that never equated to that body.

I am now 243.8 lbs. I only have 39 lbs to get to my college and wedding body. That is so much easier to get to then this imaginary 167 lbs.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations! Yeah, I looked way better and felt better at 225lbs than now. That's totally still fat, but its healthier by degree than now. Also, at 190lbs, I looked slammin', so the mythological 132lbs I'm supposed to way isn't what it takes to make me feel like I look like dynamite!