Monday, April 26, 2010

Dr. Oz's Weight Loss Secret for Carnie Wilson? Tough Love!

So Carnie Wilson is 'trying' to lose weight with Dr. Oz. It is not going well. She has only lost four pounds and it not following his suggestions such as get a diet buddy.

I love me some Carnie Wilson, but we have to start the think maybe she is just turning weight loss into a money maker. She is on her 4th reality diet topic shop. So she either needs the money or she refuses to deal with the psychological issues that cause her to chronic overeat.

If this doesn't work with Dr. Oz, I think we need to deny her TV time.

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  1. I think that its quite important to mention that she's had Gastric Bypass surgery, the most extreme of the weight-loss surgeries and she still has gained weight. This is not meant as a body snark, but as a cautionary tale to those considering weight-loss surgery. I think that our concepts of fat/normal are off and that many can be healthy at higher weights than the height/weight charts would proclaim, but when you are going up and down the scale by magnitudes of 60lbs to 150lbs, you seriously need to identify the psychological issues at work. Carnie Wilson is not helping the fat-everywoman understand weight and health.