Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clothing Store Owner Can't Fit Into Her Own Stock!

The Times of London Online has an article up with Belle Robinson, the owner of the boutique clothing store, Jigsaw in London. Its subtitle suggests a message of uplift and support for "normal" sized women: "The chic Jigsaw owner, Belle Robinson, explains why not being sample size is less important than loving your life."

That's great, sample sizes (0's or 2's) are unrealistic and unhealthy for more women (not all, I'm not being a skinny-bitch hater here). Here's the crux of the issue, Jezebel uncovered that Jigsaw only offers sizes up to a UK 14 (US 12) and that Ms. Robinson is a size UK 16 (US 14). Her own boutique doesn't carry clothing that would fit her and yet she's trying to impress upon Times of London readers a message of body self-acceptance? Cognitive dissonance much?

The difficulty finding stylish clothing that respond to many body-types is just the kind of experience that helps to reinforce to women who wear 10's, 12's, 14's, 16's, 18's and gasp beyond the sense of comfort in our own bodies. I am not suggesting that Jigsaw change its business model and become a plus-sized boutique, but about about integrating a few more sizes (say, up to 24?) into your stock. Most certainly, integrate a size 16-18! Seriously, self-hatred sucks--get over it! And please, don't give me your body acceptance speech without first, oh, I don't know--accepting your body and the bodies of women like you into your shop.

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